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Screen Installation

So installation is easy.....
You will need some windex/glass cleaner, a microfibre cloth and a squeegee.

1. Spray lightly windex on the Phone screen, clean throughly with cloth

2. Peel off the film from the backing

3. Lightly spray the sticky back of the film with windex/glass cleaner. This enables the film to be moved into place.

4. Once it is centred, get your squeegee and lightly spray it (so it doesn't burn the film), then squeegee out any bubbles.

5. Once the bubbles are gone, re-centre material and let it stand for 10 minutes.

6.  Then use your finger and roll down the sides of your phone. Keep doing
this process until it sticks down.

7. Once it has adhered give it a wipe over with your cloth and it is done.

It will be hazy in appearance until it is totally dry which can take about 12 hours. You are going to love the finished result!